School Information

          Rancho High School provides an indirect teaching program designed for students who prefer to work independently Online. Rancho students typically enjoy working in a smaller classroom environment. Students who choose Rancho High School need to be motivated independent learners who attend school every day.  The Rancho program can work well for students  who may have fallen behind in credits. Students are able to earn the Rancho High School diploma after successfully completing 200 credits of required coursework, and passing other required proficiencies.

With the exception of PE, and enrichment electives, most courses utilize an on-line curriculum.  There is limited group discussion and instruction.  The coursework is not UC/CSU approved for eligibility to a 4-year university upon high school  graduation.  However,  students completing the Rancho High School diploma are eligible to matriculate to  community college.

The classroom is open from 8-12, and 1-3.  All students must report for a weekly hour-long appointment to review coursework, assessments and progress toward completion.  To make adequate progress, students must successfully complete at least one course every 3 weeks to earn 5 credits.  Students will enroll in a minimum of six 3-week sessions each semester.  Students who do not work at this pace will be transferred to the comprehensive high school program where they will have direct instruction and additional school-wide support.  No partial credit is granted.

Parent participation is essential.  Parents will be expected to attend scheduled meetings and to assist the school to monitor the progress their student is making in the program. If a Rancho student chooses to return to Arcadia High School mid-year, the student must transfer no later than the first day of the 2nd semester of their senior year. 

ENROLLMENT:  No student under 18 years of age will be enrolled without a parent or guardian present.  A transcript of all high school courses taken is required at the time of enrollment.  Students outside the district may apply for a permit after being released from their home district of residence.

AHS NON-Grads:  Arcadia High School students who end their senior year short credits for graduation are allowed to complete not more than 15 credits at Rancho High School.  To remain enrolled, these students must make the same adequate progress requirements as other Rancho students.

Independent Study:   Grades 1-8

This program is provided by a credentialed classroom teacher who works closely with parents to utilize Board-approved  curriculum, implement appropriate instructional strategies, and work with standards-based instructional materials.  Weekly lesson plans are provided with assignments, activities and assessments, which are completed by students with the guidance and support of their parents. 

Students meet weekly with the teacher to review their work, demonstrate their progress, and participate in small group lessons in core subjects, including Science and History/Social Science. 

The Grade 1-8 Independent Study program may work well for:

  • students who need a different pacing than offered in the comprehensive classroom setting.
  • families who travel frequently or for whom personal circumstances make regular attendance         difficult.

  Parents must participate with the teacher and student to implement an educational plan.  The teacher will maintain records and issue individualized progress reports/report cards quarterly.