Counselor's Corner

Mrs. Perez, our school counselor, helps our students out on many levels throughout their time here at Rancho Learning Center. Please take a look at the type of supports and programs she has in place.



Enrichment Program

2 options

At Rancho Learning Center: Students can attend the different programs we offer at Rancho and earn hours towards their elective credits. Students must earn 75 hours of enrichment to earn 5 elective credits. Everything must be signed off by the supervisor of each program.

In the Community: Students can volunteer/intern with businesses in our local community. This allows students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with a career or trade that they are interested in pursuing. If students earn 75 hours they earn 5 elective credits. All hours must be signed off by the supervisor.

*Rancho enrichment and in the community enrichment can be combined to earn 75 hours.



Resiliency takes place once a week. We meet in a small group and follow the “Why Try” curriculum. Students participate in group lessons and activities to build resilience within themselves.



Mindfulness takes place twice a day, before school and after lunch. It provides an opportunity to slow down enough to notice all the little things inside and around us that are occurring in the present moment. We start with breathing exercises and finish with a written reflection.



All students have a Naviance account to access college and career curriculum, assessments, interest profilers and a variety of other tools to guide them with their post secondary options. Throughout the year students are taught lessons and explore the many activities this program has to offer. This helps students get a better idea of the different careers out there and the variety of pathways they could pursue.


Strengths Explorer

All students take the strengths explorer on Naviance. The assessment reveals the natural strengths of each student. We use each student’s strengths throughout the year to discuss and guide them in their academics, personal/social and college and career goals.



We help connect students to outside businesses and agencies for internship and enrichment purposes. We also provide resume workshops and mock job interviews.



Hands on, step-by-step, walk-through of the application process to ensure a smooth transition with their post secondary plans. Also includes assistance in filling out the FAFSA


Guest Speakers

We invite professionals from our community to come in and speak with our students about their education/training and their journey to get where they are now. This provides our students with an opportunity to get first hand knowledge of the different pathways and careers.


Field Trips

Organize field trips to educational settings to provide students with the opportunity to explore the community. We also tour community college campuses to give students the opportunity to see what it would be like to be on a college campus and help them start thinking about their future plans.


End of the Month Celebrations

Our monthly celebrations are used as a time to build community and recognize students for their accomplishments and hard work. Students are also recognized for exemplifying the Leader In Me traits.


Midweek Munchies

Our cart services provide students with hands on experience in the customer service and hospitality field.